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HI PEOPLE! [22 Sep 2004|11:31am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hey everyone!!! How are ya'll? I'm doing so good, just been so busy. I don't get to talk to anyone anymore. I hope everyone is doing good.

"Nine Lives" is finished and in post-production. They might be some other stuff they gotta do for it, but I'm all done. Right now I'm filming "Dreamer" the horse movie. But it's not probably gonna come out til 2006 and "War of the Worlds" is supposed to come out in 2005 so I might start filming that next month or at least by November. I've been having so much fun riding though and we are filming in Louisiana so it's kinda close to home. My mom, my tutor, and my sister are here with me. Elle isn't filming anything right now. "Door in the Floor" did pretty good and she has "Because of Winn Dixie" in post. So it's cool I get to be close to my family. My dad doesn't get to be here right now though. But maybe soon when he doesn't have to work.

That's everything with filming and stuff. Other than that we are just hanging around. Everyday after filming I get to ride my horse and sometimes Elle rides too. It's so fun but sometimes scary when the horse gets scared. I feel like a real cowboy! *laughs* And "Hide and Seek" should be coming out in April which is still a ways away.

I miss everyone!!! If you feel like it say hi! There are sooooo many good movies coming out. Everyone is so busy right now it's crazy! Welp that's all for now. Have a great day!!!!

~Dakota xoxo

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AHHHHHHHH [13 Sep 2004|03:07pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Sorry I just felt like screaming!!


I hope everyone's great! I've been so busy but things have been going great! I had been spending time in Louisana training to ride horses for the movie "Dreamer" .And I am also cast in a new movie called "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise. That's supposed to be filmed in NY. We are supposed to start filming in November! I might also get to be Alice, in Alice and Wonderland! I'm so excited about everything going on. It's been so fun and so tiring!

That's all I have been doing. Either riding or filming. I get to spend time with my family too which is way cool! I have been having lots of homework too. But I get to read harder books this year. I'm not reading anything right now but hopefully soon.

I finally got a chance to read some peoples journals. I'm glad everyone is still alive!!! I don't have anything as interesting as Jack Black and his cool bug story though!! I wish.. that would be so cool!

Too bad he didn't kill the bug then we could call him Jack Black:Killer of all Bugs. Have a bug in your house?? Don't worry Jack Black is here to save the day!!!!!! Dun Dun Dun! Never fear Jack is here!! Too bad. Now that would have been cool! *laughs*

Well I'm off for now! I love everyone!!!! Stay cool!!!!

~Dakota xoxo

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OMG [31 Aug 2004|08:04pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So why can't I keep up with this thing anymore. I'm so bad I haven't read this thing for like weeks. *sighs* I've just been super busy with filming for "Nine Lives". I'm trying to get all my scenes in before I start another movie. I got cast in a movie called "Dreamer" with Kurt Russell. It's supposed to start filming Sept. 4. AHH that so isn't far away. We are filming it in Louisiana. I have never been there so it should be fun! I fly there in a couple days.

These movies have taken over my life. I don't have any time to play really or keep up with my friends. I probably don't even have any anymore. I'm sorry to everyone I haven't kept in touch with.

Filming is going really good though. I'm having tons of fun. I can't wait to work with Kurt Russell. He seems super nice!


My mom is coming with me. My dad and Elle are staying at home. They are coming to visit in a couple weeks after we get there though. I also started school again with my tutor. *smiles* I really like school. I get to start reading more books this year! Well that's it for now! BYE GUYS!!

I love you all!!!!!!!

~Dakota xoxo

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Where did the time go? [17 Aug 2004|10:10pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So I think I need to update again. I haven't been doing good with keeping up to date and I'm sorry about that! I have been wanting to comment to a bunch of people but I never have the time.

I have been spending lots of time with Sasha. Right now we are in London. We have been here for a while now. They started filming "Nine Lives" in LA. But my scenes don't start for a while so I don't have to go home yet. My tutor came with us cause my mom couldn't come. I also was cast in the new movie "Conquistadora". It's based on a true story about disabled twins. They are filming that in New Jersey/New York. So when I'm done with my scenes in "Nine Lives" I head to New York. Meryl Streep is in "Conquistadora" and I'm so excited to be able to work with her! Right now it's in pre-production. It sounds like a fun and challenging movie and I'm glad to be a part of it.

I hope everyone is doing good! I miss all of you! Oh and if you are in London I wanna see you!! *smiles*

I love you all.

~Dakota xoxo

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Gary.. [06 Aug 2004|02:24pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So it's been like forever since I have been on this thing. Everyone still alive? I am!

Not really much has happened since I last updated. My life has been really boring waiting on filming and stuff.

I went and saw Gary a while back. I found out he was sad and thought he needed a friend. My parents wouldn't tell me what really was going on but they said I could go and see him if I wanted. So my dad drove me over to see him in the afternoon. Gary and I talked a while. It was really great seeing him. I miss him and everyone else so much. Gary seemed so sad and I wanted to make him happy again. I don't like seeing him frown. We joked around a bit and I started flicking water on him then he started doing it back. Then he attacked me *laughs* He was actually laughing. It was so fun to see him smile again. I hope I did some good. I haven't really talked to him since so I don't know how he's doing. I hope he's doing better though.

To all the people I should call and I haven't. I'm sorry. I miss you guys and love you all!!

~Dakota xoxo

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Where do I start...Goodbye to Gordon, Hello to Nine Lives [29 Jul 2004|06:04am]
Okay, so I haven't been around at all really. I just needed some time alone. It's fun to be with people but sometimes you just need to be all alone you know?

So it's been really crazy here. I said before that I was going to be in the new movie "The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon". It's a movie on Stephen King's novel. Well, I was supposed to be the main girl in it. After "Man on Fire" I ended up switching managers so I have a new one now. And my new manager said no to the film. So I am no longer going to be in that movie *frowns and sighs* I was just cast in "Nine Lives". So I will be in that film hopefully. I don't really know what went on with "Tom Gordon" but I'm not in it anymore. When I know more of my part I will tell you all. It's supposed to come out in 2005.

Don't think I have forgotten about anyone cause I haven't. I love you all!!

~Dakota xoxo
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Friends.... [16 Jul 2004|08:27pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I want to thank Drew B. and Christian B. for renewing my account. You guys really didn't have to do that. It was very sweet, thanks!!

Gary, Gul, and Charlie stopped by my house before they left for the airport. It was fun to see them again. Charlie and Gul drew pictures, and we talked. They are so nice and fun!! Then they left...*sighs*

I guess I missed Christian before he and Sadie left...I'm not sure if I will ever get to meet him. I didn't know they were leaving...*shrugs* Reese is in town, and I will hopefully get to see her soon. Victoria said she would visit soon. I miss her a lot. I haven't seen her in forrrrrrever. And I haven't talked to Charlize in a while either. I need to talk to her soon...I MISS YOU! We gotta hang out sometime. That's really it, besdies Viggo drew me this amazing picture that is going on my wall! It's soooo pretty. Thank you! *sighs* That's all for now. I'm waiting to hear when I start filming for "Tom Gordon". I need something to do, to think about other stuff...
~Dakota xoxo

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Angels in heaven... [13 Jul 2004|03:42pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Gary, Sadie, and Jonny came by Sunday night to visit me. I can't believe they came all the way from London, the really didn't have to. Gary brought me a teddy bear and now my other bears won't be lonely. We talked about a lot of things and it helped a little. My dad told me Sean stopped by a few days back, and I was sleeping so they didn't wake me. *frowns*

I just...still feel so mad! I'm mad at my mom for promising she would be okay. I'm mad at Sarah for leaving. And I'm mad at God for taking her...I'm just so MAD! My mom wants me to leave my room and play but I can't. How can I play and have fun when she can't?! How is that fair?! When I think about smiling, it's like I forgot her. How can I do that?

Sarah's funeral was yesterday..but..I can't talk about it right now....*sighs* What's even better?

LiveJournal paid account for user "dakotaf10" is expiring in 8 days,
at which time it'll revert to free account status

That really doesn't matter anyway...

Sighs, clicking update. She goes back to her drawing on the floor.

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I don't understand...... [09 Jul 2004|07:54pm]
[ mood | hurting... ]

Why does God always take away the people you love the most?!


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Okay a quickie...I'M ALIVE...ARE YOU? [01 Jul 2004|03:46pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Things have been crazy around here and I haven't checked this thing in a while. So, to all the new people, HI! And to the people I haven't talked to, I MISS YOU! I have no idea what's going with anyone anymore, and that makes me sad. I have wanted to comment in so many people's journal, but I haven't had the time. So know that I love you and a real updates coming...sometime. *sighs*
~Dakota xoxo

*Edit* Hi, to all the new people. Wow, there are so many of you! Call me if you wanna chat. Lildakotaf10

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Fame..fortune...BIG NAME....Does it really matter? [25 Jun 2004|09:12pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I was thinking about something the other day. I know, I know..thinking very rare for me. *laughs*

You know what makes me sad? People who have to put people down to make themselves feel better. I don't understand why these people are so insecure that they have to insult others because they are really no where themselves. These kinds of people are sad, and NOT worth anyone's time. There is no reason for this! Especially when they have done NOTHING to you.

Another thing that makes me sad is people who are in this business for the fame and fortune. You should be doing this because you love it, not because you get a lot of money and you are famous! That should have nothing to do with it. You do this because you love to act, or sing, or whatever. It's your life and the only thing that makes you happy. If you are doing this for the money and fame, how can you be truly happy?. And what's even sadder are people who use this against other people. " Well, I've made more money, I live in a big house, I have been on MTV". Who cares?!?! Do you think this makes you special? NO! Are you any better than the person acting in there garage? NO! It's so sad that some people have such big heads that they will throw that in other people's faces. Like it makes you sooo much better that you might have more money. Well, guess what? It doesn't. Do you have to be so ridiculous and petty? And really this makes you look more stupid. And guess what?!? People see right through you! So, while you sit and think of things to say to irritate people, those people are out having real lives! Why can't you just be happy with yourself and not insult other people? You should be grateful for the talents you have been given, instead of throwing them away.

The people who are truly talented, DON'T have to go around telling other people how great they are! ARGH Get a life!!

*EDIT* Oh, and you might say this is none of my business, but I refuse to sit back and let you treat anyone like this! And why don't you do yourself a favor, GET FRIENDS!

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Ello from London....again! [24 Jun 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, this has been an exciting and crazy week! Before I came back to London, I went out with beautiful Lindsay Lohan! We went to Downtown Disney and had a total blast! She is such a sweet and fun person to hang out with. We gotta do it again sometime, I love you Lindsay!! I also saw Liz before I left. We went out for ice cream, she's so fun and a beautiful person inside and out. I love you too!!

I went to David's game on Monday and they won!! GO TEAM! I saw David and the team afterwards and told them how great they were! I didn't understand most of what was going on, but shhhh don't tell! *winks* On Tuesday, David had the whole day off so I went with him and Gary and his wife to this toy store that also had rides in front. It was sooo much fun! We won in the bumper boats and got Gary and his wife soaked! Then they beat us in bumper cars, because David let me drive..and well I couldn't keep the car on the road! *laughs* Next time GARY! We hung out the whole day and had fun. Thank you David for spending your day off with me. I love you!

I also went shopping with Beverley. We had a lot of fun looking for clothes and eating ice cream. She's a lot of fun.

I also have plans to go to the American Idol concert with Brittany Murphy! She's wonderful..well when she isn't plotting against me of course! *winks* She is even dying her hair pink for Amy. AMY will be wonderful, I know! I LOVE YOU AMY!

I miss Sasha so much...I LOVE YOU! I am hoping to see her before I have to go home. "The Girl who loved Tom Gordon" is still in pre-production, so I have a little more time before I gotta go to work.

TO: Gary, Sean, Emma, Sadie, Victoria...and anyone else I left out .I hope you are all having fun!! I love you all! That's all for now!
~Dakota xoxo

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Premiers, friends, football players, gifts, forgiveness.... [20 Jun 2004|09:42pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So, where do I start here? This has been a strange weekend. I guess my letter got to Sven and he invited me and my dad to the game tomorrow to see David and meet the team. I guess, he was the one that made it where I couldn't see him...he took the blame. I guess I'm feeling pretty stupid right now getting so mad at David and Sasha, and I have some making up to do when I get there. I am really excited about going though. It's just me and my dad, my mom and Elle are staying in LA for Elle's movie stuff. I'm hoping to fix everything when I go....*smiles a little*

Elle's premier for "The Door in the Floor" was Friday night. It went really good! We didn't see the movie, we just walked the carpet. Of course all the people in the movie were there and a ton of others too. We had a lot of fun. We saw everyone, then we went home. I heard the movie was good, and I'm so proud of Elle. This was a hard part for her, and I know she was great!

Liz got me some cool new barbies that I have been playing with. They are so cool and me and my sister play with them all the time. THANKS LIZ! I have also been hanging out with my friends here in California that I missed. I saw my three best friends yesterday! We all hung out at my house. We ate, watched movies, and played around. I missed them so much.

TO Everyone in London...something's coming for you guys, because....I want too. *smiles* I LOVE YOU ALL!
~Dakota xoxo

*Edit* Okay, I'm a big jerk! Happy Father's Day to my dad! We took him out to eat and Elle and me gave him his presents. We each made a picture for him and got him each a shirt. He really liked the stuff! Then we all went and played in the park. What a great day, I love you dad!!!!

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In Portugal... [17 Jun 2004|10:05pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

My family, Sasha, and I got to Portugal this morning for David's football game. It was really crowded, but it was pretty exciting. As everyone knows England won, which is a good thing for the team.

After the game, we waited around for a while, we didn't see David so then my parents took me and Elle back to the hotel. We ate dinner and then watched the disney channel. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Tomorrow morning we are heading back to London, then heading back to LA. in the afternoon for Elle's premier of "The Door in the Floor". We can't see the movie, but we are walking the carpet. It's too adult my parents say. *shrugs* I'm excited for her though. Well, that's it...LA..here we come..*sighs*
~Dakota xoxo

*Edit* Sometimes, when I am angry my mom tells me to write my feelings down, so that's what I did. I sat down and decided to write a letter to Sven, the boss of David's team with the help of my mom. I know this seems kinda silly, but I didn't know what else to do. I told him that I was friends with David and how much I enjoyed watching the game. That was my first, London game and I was pretty excited. I also told him how dissapointed I was that I didn't get to see David and say hi. He and Sasha had promised that I would get to say hi to him, and I didn't. I asked him if it would be alright to see David sometime soon, I wanna fix things..I don't wanna be mad anymore....I gave it to Victoria and she gave it to Sven, now I am just waiting on a reply.*

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Ladybugs.... [15 Jun 2004|09:23pm]
[ mood | confused ]

So, the whole ladybug getting sick made me wonder...

Are all ladybugs girls? And if they aren't..what are the boy's called?

~Dakota xoxo

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Rule number 1: DON'T JUMP ON THE BED! [14 Jun 2004|10:03am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Okay, so remember when your mom told you *mocking a mother's voice* Don't jump on the bed...well I guess there was a reason. Jenn fell of the bed last night and sprained her ankle. I was so scared, so I called Gary and he helped us. CAUSE GARY IS THE BEST! The doctor said she should be fine. She seems to be doing better today, which makes me very happy! *smiles*

Now for something happier, my Whole family is now in London! They got in yesterday! I was so happy to see them, I cried. *giggles* Elle and my dad are loving London. The whole way to the hotel Elle is saying " OMG, OMG" She loves it here.

I talked to Brittany last night, who OMG I miss and love so much. We had a lot of fun talking and goofing around. I can't wait to spend time with her again. And remember, Brittany..I AM THE MASTER! I also talked to Ashley O. today for a little while, she is sweetheart and we need to hang out when I get back to LA.

Elle and I went to Sasha's house for a while today and played with her and her bunnies. Oh and SEAN..they are not big or killers...you're crazy! Elle also met Beverley and Jenn...Elle is loving everyone and everyone is so nice to her. I can't wait for everyone to meet her and my dad. Welp, that's it for now. I hope I did not leave anything out...ooo except I may get to see David soon, I can't wait. I miss him!! I love you all you guys!! I'm off to bed.
~Dakota xoxo

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CAN LIFE BE ANY BETTER?!?! [12 Jun 2004|09:05am]
[ mood | excited ]

I just got a phone call from my agent and the movie " The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" is now official and is in pre-production! I'm so excited right now!! I have been cast as Trish, the main girl. And Laura Dern is cast to play my mother. So far, that's all I really know. But it's scheduled to be filmed later this summer! I'm so happy right now!!

*does a little dance* Yahoo!!
~Dakota xoxo

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I couldn't be happier! [11 Jun 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So, I really couldn't be happier right now! Sean and Emma are getting married, which is sooo cool! And Gary and Renee are getting married too! I can't believe it, it's so awesome! I am so happy for all of them.

And you know what makes this day even better?!?! My dad and Elle are coming to London on Sunday!!! I can't believe it, I thought I was going to have to go home, but they worked it out and they can come!! I can't wait!!! I miss them so much! *smiles*

I also went to the carnival with Sasha, Gary,Emma ,Bev, Sean, Evie, Molly, Gul, and Charlie. I hope I didn't leave anyone out. It was a lot of fun, for the most part. We were all a little tired, but we went on rides and ate food.

Jennifer Aniston took me to the toy store a while back and it was so fun! We also played dress up and we looked like princesses. *smiles* I also hung out with Claire,Amy, Bev, Jen, Kate, and Shane at Claire's place, then they all went out to a club and I went to bed. We had fun though. Amy is here in London, which makes me sooo happy, I have missed her.

I am still waiting to hear about "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon". Right now it's still in the works, so I am praying it gets made into a movie. Otherwise, I'm waiting til next year when "Hide and Seek" comes out. My sister's premier is coming up and I am not sure if we are going to get to see it. It's not a kids movie, so hopefully we can at least walk the carpet. *shrugs*

Today I went shopping with all the girls then I went out to eat with Sasha, Amy, Bev, my mom, and Molly. It was a lot of fun, then we went out for ice cream. It's been a great day!!!


Love to all!!
~Dakota xoxo

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Alright, listen up!!! [08 Jun 2004|03:07am]
[ mood | angry ]

There has been something that has been bothering me for a while now, and up until now I have let it go. But I can't any longer. I feel like I owe it to myself to set this right.

There are some people here at AC who don't know me at all, but have chosen to assume things about me. These people, I guess think that they know "what's going on", in my life when really they don't know me at all. I guess I am known for "flying around the U.S. all by myself". As cool as this would be, it is not the case. I have NEVER flown anywhere by myself. I have always had my mom or dad with me. There is also another rumor floating around that I flew all by myself to see a supermodel in Paris. As much as I would love this to be true, it ISN'T. I don't even know any supermodels in Paris. I don't go places by myself, I don't fly places by myself..EVER!!!

London is the first trip I have ever taken without my parents or tutor along side me. Claire Danes is an old family friend, and my parents entrusted her with legal guardianship while I was in London, until my mom could make the trip here. I did not make this trip with a stranger or someone I just met. My parents worked this out with her and made all the neccasary arangements needed for my safety.

Now, I want to talk about the premier/party. Some of you seem to think I went to this "alone". Although Sean Bean was my date, Claire was in charge of me. Gary invited me to his private party after. Gary and Claire both talked with my mom about the party, making sure it was okay for me to be there. I was NOT alone at that party. Claire had to leave early, so Beverley Mitchell stayed with me and made sure I got home safely. No one forced Beverley or Claire to look after me, they volunteered. And I would hope if Gary didn't want me there, he would NOT have invited me.

My parents have always thought of my safety and well being. I shouldn't even have to be explaining this, because really it's no one business, but since you speculated there it is. Most of you would all know this, IF you bothered to ask me or find out. But instead you assume and are wrong. I'm very much 10. I like to play with dolls, play outside, play pretend, and imagine. I like Disney movies, I like to dress up and have pillow fights. I do not think I am 30. You would know all this IF you took the time to get to know me. But instead you don't, because you think you already "know".

I am so lucky to have found the wonderful friends on here I do have. Maybe grown-ups never stay friends with kids. And maybe Adults shouldn't be friends with Kids. But all I know, is that we have learned a lot from each other. I don't regret a single friendship on here. I mean even if a child brings you back to your childhood for a second..it's worth it. Thanks for your concern.


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Random thoughts and questions by Dakota...for your enjoyment! [07 Jun 2004|10:52am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Attack of the killer bunnies!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Did you know there are giant bunnies in London?!?! They get to be as big as dogs! I didn't believe it at first, til I saw pictures. OMG..they are scary, who would want one of those?!?!

For the longest time I thought the commerical *sings* All you need is a dallop....a dallop...a dallop of daises *stops singing* was saying a "dollar". It didn't make sense then and it STILL doesn't now...what the heck is a dallop?!?!

And for my last question for the day. *sings* What would you doOo for a Klondike bar?

Thank you and goodnight! *laughs* I want to dedicate my randomness to Tara Reid..she has taught me well. *winks*

~Dakota xoxo

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